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Happy Families
My passion and reward. Notes from happy families.

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Helping families is my passion and what drives my work. My journey started when I was first introduced to positive discipline and saw how a young boy’s life can change just by changing our behavior around him. That was 10 years ago. In that decade I’ve spent my time supporting parents in including Positive Parenting practices into their lives. I want to help you raise confident children, be strong parents and get the harmony in your home that you deserve.

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"Really very good! Perfect combination of academics & practical knowledge, very impressive"Parent Attendee,
"With a few tips here and there from Jailan Heidar, and I can't put into words how thankful I'm that she has been guiding me into the right direction on a more peaceful family. Thank you, Jailan........We aren't there yet, but at least we are making our steps. And yes, sometimes we will take one step back but then we may have 2 steps forward. I am a strong believer in positive parenting as well as harmonized family. Thanks Jailan for this."  Abby Lin-Ho,
“I highly recommend Jailan Heidar , she always has very practical parenting ideas that will make your family life so much happier”Laila Anwar, Owner Funyard Preschool & Summer School