Supporting you in bringing Positive Parenting into your daily life

Hi! I’m Jailan, I’m excited to support you and your family and invite you on this amazing journey of Positive Parenting.


I support families with young children  in becoming confident, resourceful and positive parents. Raising independent and emotionally healthy children

Families like yours who are tired of using punative methods, threats, punishment, arguing all the time with their kids and want alternatives that work. 

With my workshops, E-courses and sessions I help parents get the resources and tools they need to raise confident children, be strong parents and get the harmony in your home that you deserve. 

Being a parent of a toddler and baby myself I completely understand the challenges of juggling life with children. I bring together the science behind parenting and child development together into practical tools you can use in your everyday life.

I want you to be able to parent confidently, peacefully, and feel resourceful.

Join me on this journey!



Let me support you…

I’m Qualified

  • Have a Master’s of Science degree in Child & Family studies
  • I’m a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator
  • A Certified Early Childhood Educator
  • I have over 10 years experience working with children and families

Multicultural Mama

  • A mama of two little munchkins under five
  • From a diverse and multicultural family spread across Egypt, Sweden and USA
  • Lived in 5 different countrues across 3 continents
  • Offer my services in Arabic and Englishh
  • In love with collecting dessert books and eating the outcome 
  • I genuily love and practice Positive Parenting in our family

Love Notes

“With a few tips here and there from Jailan Heidar, and I can’t put into words how thankful I’ am that she has been guiding me into the right direction on a more peaceful family. I am a strong believer in positive parenting as well as harmonized family. Thanks Jailan for this.”    Abby Lin-Ho, Mama of two in Amsterdam

“I liked that Jailan is practical and detailed. This workshop gives me encouragement that I’m on the right path and Jailan gives me tools for maneuvers and improvement”    Annisa Arishti, an Amsterdam mama

“Best Parent coach!! I have contacted Jailan around the time my first was almst 2 years. It was an extremely diffcult time for me with bedtime. We would stay in bed for 2.5 hours and then he finally sleeps. But with Jailans EXCELLENT advise, the next day, he slept in 20 minutes after being in bed!!!! It was like magic.

Jailan is an amazing and understanding professional. I highly recommend her consultation sessions! You will not regret it”     Mariam El-Mofty, Mama of two in London