How To Encourage Independent Play While Stuck At Home

How To Encourage Independent Play While Stuck At Home

How to encourage independent play while stuck at home

By Jailan Heidar

One of the most frequent questions I’m getting from parents is “How can I prevent my kids from getting bored?!”. Is this something that’s on your mind too? Click reply and let me know if it is.

As a mother of two little ones myself, I understand your concern that your kids are going to get bored staying home repeatedly using the same bunch of toys.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way!

There are simple changes and techniques you can use to support your kids and avoid “lockdown boredom”.

  • Less is More: kids get overwhelmed with too many toys + the novelty wears off. Fewer toys = more engagement.
  • Rotate Toys: even if kids aren’t playing with their toys the novelty still wears off because they can see them all day! Take away 4-6 toys for a week or two then bring them back. Surprise! Your kids will react to them like long lost toys that they have missed for ages. They will be interesting and your kids will play more with them!
  • Stick To 3 activities A Day: You want to slowly nurture patience. If you switch your kid from toy to toy every time he gets bored, you’re teaching impatience instead! Encourage your child to think creatively about a toy or activity. Bored with the train and tracks? How about you build a zoo around the tracks or maybe even a whole city! He can bring in his block, Lego and animals into the original train activity. This way your child learns to think creatively and think outside the box instead of getting bored and switching from one activity to another too soon.

That’s it! Three simple strategies that will truly help your child from getting bored. It will also prevent the cycle of frustration between the two of you that comes from boredom.

    Let me know which tool you will be starting with! I would love to hear from you. Just click here.

    Practice, practice, practice until it becomes a habit.

    “Positivity is like a muscle: keep exercising it, and it becomes a habit.”
    – Natalie Massenet