Are you looking to bring more calming parenting into your home but just can’t find the time and energy to read the sea of resources out there? Join other parents in the Munich community for a life changer course to bring Positive Parenting tools into your daily life.

Being a parent of a toddler myself I completely understand. Which is why I’ve put together this small and intimate group to help bring Positive Parenting into your life.

From February till July 2018 I invite you to join me on this journey.

This course runs once a year from February till July. The course for 2017 is currently full but you can already sign up for 2018 here.

Why 6 Months?

This 6 month course is unique that it offers you time to go in-depth with understanding the Whys, Hows & Whats of Positive Parenting. We cover numorouse Positive Parenting tools in an in-depth and practical manner. We discuss the science behind Positive Parenting, child behavior and parenting. Have practical examples and situations to visualize how you can map these tools to your unique situation. Over the course of 6 months you have time to read, view weekly material, try things out with your partner and family and get weekly feedback on any questions you may have and your progress.

What are we Covering?



What is Positive Parenting & Why it Matters
Connecting & Redirecting
Why Young Children Behave the Way they Do: The Brain & Behavior
Our past and How it Affects our Current Parenting


The Brain & Behavior: How Cliche is Modeling Behavior?
Crying it out?: What happens & how should we respond
Sharing: Why can’t my Child Share & What can I do about it?


Attention Seeking Behavior: Identify & Deal with it
Power Struggles: Creating a more Harmonious Relationship
Routines & Visual Aids: Using them in your  Daily Life


💮 MAY💮 

Sibling Rivalry. Weekly sessions based on the work of Siblings without Rivalry book.

💮 JUNE💮 

Positive Communication: Sibling Rivalry. Weekly sessions based on the work of Thomas Gordon & How to Talk so Little Kids will Listen book.

💮 JULY💮 

Putting it all together. How to put it together to prevent, respond and react to tantrums, eating struggles, hitting, difficult supermarket trips and other situations.

What you Get:

🌸 New Positive Parenting tools introduced each month that are practical, functional and that you can start using right away.
🌸 Live Q&A sessions by myself to support you through the monthly topics.
🌸 An abundance of monthly resources; articles, videos, book references by myself and other Positive Parenting experts.
🌸 Monthly Feedback Sessions with myself & the group
🌸 A safe and interactive space to discuss your parenting concerns, challenges and progress with other like minded parents and get feedback from me
🌸 Guest Mentors who are experts in different fields of Early Childhood Parenting as well as parents who have tried and tested Positive Parenting and can support you through your journey with their experiences

What Parents are Saying about Life Changer Positive Parenting

“I’m currently doing an online Positive Parenting course with Jailan. Many of you that I know are stay at home mums like myself and so we face similar issues with our kids Jailan Heidar counsel is such an amazing resource to us ex-pat mums here in Munich should you be remotely interested in Positive Parenting I urge you to inform yourself by having a look at her website and perhaps attending one of he courses. I’ve already had so many successes with my kids due to the practical advice and Positive Parenting practices I’ve learnt from Jailan’s 6 month course as lot of you know my two boys are not easy kids. N finally sleeps in his bed through the night and K whines about 70% less. The list goes on as does the efforts on all our parts to improve our overall family life I guess there will be no end but the tools I’m learning help a lot to keep me sane in the tougher moments. Susan Bacle – Owner of Munich Mommies & Munchkins

Registration Details

🌸This parenting group is for families with children 8 years old and younger as the focus is on parenting the early years.
🌸This is a membership only group. Numbers are limited to 20 members.
🌸Once you’ve completed your payment you’ll receive the link to the Membership Only Facebook group. Please make sure the name you provide your e-mail address and Facebook name so I can add you to the group securely.
🌸 Cost of Registration:
– To Sign up for Part I or Part II separately is 240€
– To sign up for the 6 month course using a one time payment is 450€
– Monthly installments of 80€ is also possible

Are you ready to start your Positive Parenting journey for 2017 with us?

I’m excited! Welcome.

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