One-on-One Parent Consult

It’s time for individualized support. You may feel that you’ve reached the end of your resources and want to make a lifestyle change to bring more harmony to your parenting and family.

We’ll get to the core issues and together find solutions that work for your unique family’s needs and abilities.



You are looking to start your journey into Positive Parenting and gain lots of tips and tools that can help you set boundaries with love in an environment of mutual respect.

You may be a new or expecting parent looking to jump start your parenting style on the right path of respectful parenting. Or you may have a specific question about young children that you and your friends would like to dig into deeper to provide the appropriate support for yourself and your child.

I offer a range of tailored group workshops at your home or daycare on Positive Parenting and Child Raising.


Parent Support Group

Whether you feel stuck, lonely or just want to know you are not alone, this group was made to give you a hug, listening ear and the support you need.

Free monthly supportĀ at a child-friendly cafe with other moms and dads to discuss and share child raising experiences, support and advice