Research has shown that parents who have an understanding of their child’s behavior develop realistic expectations and in turn are able to parent more positively.

The workshops offered are grounded in scientific research and credible practices. The goal is to give you practical everyday tools that enable you to make your own informed decisions concerning your children that suit your child’s age, needs and your unique family.

Introduces you to the principles and tools of positive parenting  for parents of young children under the age of 5 years, following the work of Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson.
Focuses on giving you in-depth practical tools of positive parenting. The material in this workshop is inspired by Thomas Gordon and Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen
Discusses common questions, misconceptions and concerns about using technology with young children.Participants will learn the latest on what the research has to say on using television, tablets and apps with young children ages 0-5.

Have a fun and informative tailored workshop with 5+ other friends in the comfort of your own home. Choose from available workshops or choose your own topic.
Host a dynamic and informative tailored session for the families of your childcare setting. Choose from available workshops or choose your own topic.

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