I know a lot of families just started school this last month and things get a little busy in the morning getting everyone out the door on time. Some of you may be feeling overwhelmed or frustrated in the morning because of this and I want to help you with that! Which is why I want to talk to you about routines.

The reason i want to talk about routines is that they are easy and effective and great for kids of almost any age

It’s something you can do tonight and can make a difference with your family within a week.

You can watch my talk here as well!

A great way to start is with a routine chart.

The chart gives kids what they need which is a visual reminder and a sense of independence when they do things themselves

Making a chart

  • Do it together involve your child
  • Talk about the stressful situation with your child if they are old enough already
  • Suggest a chart to help us remember what to do in the morning
  • Make it together by asking your child to list all the things that need to get done
    Gives children a great sense of accomplishment and pride!

Ideas fun ways to get this done

  • Pictures of your child, print and hang in sequence → great for toddlers
  • Choose pictures, Print out , cut , color and stick on a chart → great for 4-6 year olds
  • You can also have them in writing and have your child add activities they want or take things away —> great for older kids 7 and up

Practical tips on getting it done in the morning

  • Remind your child of the chart. Don’t give in to nagging
  • Make the chart the boss “what does the chart say we should do next”
  • Put a sticker next to each one that is done
  • Don’t have to focus on sequence
  • It takes time and practice

Try it out


I want you to make a routine chart of whatever area of your day is causing stress for you and your child. It can be getting ready in the morning or bedtime or even stating the steps to getting dressed in details.

Here’s a giant Pinterest link to give you a lot of ideas!