Hi! I’m Jailan, I’m excited to support you and your family and invite you on this amazing journey of parenting.

I’m a Certified Parent Educator and mama of two little ones. I support families with young children in becoming confident, resourceful and positive parents. Raising independent and emotionally healthy children while still maintaining family values and discipline.

Families like yours, who are tired of using punitive methods, threats, punishment, arguing all the time with their kids and want alternatives that work.

During our consult talks, I help parents get the resources and tools they need to raise confident children, be strong parents and get harmony in your home that you deserve.

My Journey to Supporting You

My journey started 11 years ago when I started working at the amazing preschool Fun Yard Nursery & Summer School  A loving and magical place. With a challenging child in my group, I went to my first positive discipline course to help me “fix” this little boy. That is when I learned that children’s behavior is a reflection of our behavior.

That Was When My Life Changed Completely 

Being a parent is one of the biggest life investments and projects a parent will ever have. Yet they get no information or evidence-based support before or while raising their little people. I decided I wanted to help mamas and dads of young children get the support they need to become the mother they always dreamed of.

I completed my master’s of science degree in Child & Family studies. A certified Positive Discipline Educator by the Positive Discipline Association. As well as a certified Early Childhood Educator.

Changing My Life & The Lives of Families

Early Years Parenting was founded in 2012, providing parenting consults and parent education workshops My approach is based on evidence-based research on Child & Family studies & Adlerian psychology.

A Multicultural Mama

    Besides my academic and practical experience, my experience as a mama has added great depth to my work. We’ve been raising our children away from the support of family and with little help so I know what it’s like to go through the troubles and hectic life of being a mama. I come from an amazing multicultural, multiethnic and multireligious family across three different continents which has given me a great experience and understanding of diversity and inclusivity

    As an expat mom of a little boy and girl in Munich, I know what it’s like to be raising your child with no or limited family support. When you feel like you can’t manage, who do we turn to for advice? When your toddler doesn’t listen, how should you react? All parents face these questions but it’s exceptionally difficult when your support system is miles away or in a different time zone.

    I’m Here To Support You

    I bring together the science behind parenting and child development together into practical tools you can use in your everyday life. I want you to be able to parent confidently, peacefully, and feel resourceful while taking care of yourself and your child.



    Happy Families

    With a few tips here and there from Jailan Heidar, and I can’t put into words how thankful I’ am that she has been guiding me into the right direction on a more peaceful family. I am a strong believer in positive parenting as well as harmonized family. Thanks, Jailan for this.”

                                                                                                  ― Abby Lin-Ho, Mama of two in Amsterdam

    “I liked that Jailan is practical and detailed. This workshop gives me encouragement that I’m on the right path and Jailan gives me tools for maneuvers and improvement

                                                                                                  ― Annisa Arishti, an Amsterdam mama

    Best Parent coach!! I have contacted Jailan around the time my first was almost 2 years. It was an extremely difficult time for me with bedtime. We would stay in bed for 2.5 hours and then he finally sleeps. But with Jailans EXCELLENT advice, the next day, he slept in 20 minutes after being in bed!!!! It was like magic.

    Jailan is an amazing and understanding professional. I highly recommend her consultation sessions! You will not regret it”

                                                                                                  ― Mariam El-Mofty, Mama of two in London