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Are you curious about taking “Become the Parent You Always Wanted to Be” E-Course but not sure if it’s a good fit for you and your family?

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In these two videos, I’ll introduce you to two main concepts of Positive Parenting that we’ll be starting off with-in the first week

First, Identifying & Setting your Parenting Goals

In this first tool, we’ll look at what our short and long-term goals of parenting are. Yes, this is a very important first step on the road to Positive Parenting. You need to make a conscious shift in your parenting goals to help you reflect on your chosen parenting methods. Identifying and setting your goals as a parent will help you have the patience to deal with current conflict and decide what lesson is to be learned through parenting your child in this specific situation.


Next, the importance of connecting with your child before correcting

We’ll take a look at why connecting first with your child is so important. You might already be questioning how important is this tool? VERY! In recent parenting research, there’s been a lot of evidence showing how important it is to connect with your child first before correcting the misbehavior or addressing the situation. Biologically the brain just doesn’t calm down and start to hear logic till emotions are addressed.

You’ll also learn how to connect effectively with your young child. Going through these steps set the base for a solid and respectful foundation with your child even if you don’t take their side! It’s also the key to getting through to your child to start discussing solutions and following through.

    This course is more than giving you tools to correct your child’s behavior. It’s about giving you an understanding of your child, supporting you in teaching your child life-long skills and building a trusting and loving bond between you two   

Here’s what we’ll talk about

 Understanding why Positive Parenting matters

 Reflecting on our own childhood and our current parenting

 Setting your parenting goals for 2018 and beyond

 Why young children behave the way they do

 Age appropriate Positive Parenting tools for very young children

 Tools to being consistent and learning to stay calm

 Why your child has tantrums and how you can prevent and respond

 Teaching your young child empathy 

 Dealing with difficult sleep and sleep related crying

 Understanding your child’s abilities to share and how to support that

 Identifying and dealing with attention seeking behavior

 A special BONUS video showing you how to put together positive parenting tools to have a peaceful supermarket trip!

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6 Live video session with Jailan a certified parenting instructor

An amazing live Q&A guest mentor: Simone Davies, take home handouts to help you practice at home & lively discussion with other close parents who share the same interest

Techniques on how to choose the appropriate parenting tools for your unique family

What Parents who took this course are saying

“Jailan has given us so many tools to work with. The course was absolutely amazing!! ” –Karen Muehlberger, mama of two and attended the full Become the Parent you Always wanted to Be Course

“I’ve already had so many successes with my kids due to the practical advice and Positive Parenting practices I’ve learnt from Jailan’s course” – Susan Bacle, Mama of two and owner of Munich Mommies and Munchkins

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