How to Kid Proof your Marriage

Did you make the decision to have a baby knowing that your relationship with your partner would suffer? Us either! A beautiful gift of a new life brings so many possibilities but also is taxing on relationships. Satisfaction in a marriage after a child enters the family has been shown to go down significantly. Don’t suffer anymore!

There is hope! Researchers have found that if you actively work on your relationship with a few proven strategies satisfaction levels can increase. Want to learn skills that can help you reconnect with your partner, communicate effectively instead of arguing and feel less resentful? Are you wondering how you can start parenting as a team instead of individuals?


Join this Workshop and Get

How to understand your partner’s love language, communicate instead of argue and how to reconnect amidst the frenzy

Concrete tips and skills you can use in everyday situations in your partnership and family life.

Techniques on how to parent as a team and communicate instead of independent individuals

Must have Positive Parenting tools to get you started on finding positive solutions to your parenting challenges helping you brng more peace into your home

Meet the Speakers

Katie Rössler is a licensed professional counselor from the United States. She has worked for over 10 years helping individuals, couples, and families on bettering themselves and their relationships. Katie has two toddlers at home and knows the struggles a couple can have maintaining connection while taking care of kids. She offers workshops and counseling sessions teaching a variety of relationship building techniques that can help improve how you interact with your partner and family members.

Jailan Heidar is a Parenting Coach for families with young children with a focus on Positive Parenting in the early years. A mother of a toddler and a baby herself, a former Early Childhood Educator and a current research assistant in Child & Family Studies with Leiden University, Jailan brings together both academics and practical tips to give parents simple, easy and effective evidence-based parenting tools that can be used in every day challenging situations. Jailan offers one-on-one parenting consultations in Munich and internationally (in person or via Skype), workshops and online courses & webinars.

Next Workshop is February 3rd 10:00 - 12:30 at Elki Schwabing Nordendstr. 53, 80801 Munich

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