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Early Years Positive Parenting Learning Hub

Now you can join online courses & workshops to help you make positive parenting a part of your daily life from the comfort of your own home where ever you are!

Building a loving bond with your child starts today. You get practical and effective strategies to help you parent with respect and encourage cooperation from your child. Evidence and science-based parenting tools that are effective and work for your unique family.

Get Started with Positive Parenting

Learn exactly what Positive Parenting is all about in this recorded online workshop (content 1 hour). 

What we’ll Talk About

1. An introduction to the principles of Positive Parenting
2. Science-based reasons for using Positive Parenting
3. My top 10 effective Positive Parenting tools to help you stay calm and encourage your child to cooperate 
4. Short and easy to follow videos on each Positive Parenting technique
5. My method of breaking down a challenging situation to decide what Positive Parenting strategy is best for your unique family at that moment

Bonus – 1-hour webinar 5 Changes That Transformed My Parenting This Year”

1. Techniques to help you stay calm and not feel overwhelmed with daily challenges
2. More Positive Parenting tools
3. Q&A includes answering questions from parents 

Bonus10 Tips to Everyday Positive Parenting Refrigerator Sheet
Bonus – 30 Day Positive Parenting Motivator Booklet


Start today and see the change happening in your family to a more peaceful and harmonious home.

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Cost: EU10
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