Who is this for?

Being a parent can be one of the most challenging jobs in the world. It may sometimes seem that you can’t catch up with your child and it’s just one challenging situation after the other. I’m happy to be offering Parent Consultations to support you in raising healthy and happy little ones and help make your everyday life easier.
Private Consultations are a great way for parents to get one-on-one discussions and advice about their unique situation. Private consultations can be a good opportunity to get help with specific “hot spot” issues you may be having as a family.

My services are perfect for families with young children who are struggling with everyday situations like tantrums, bedtime, getting dressed, brushing teeth,acting out, sharing ….the list goes on. People often feel that these issues are “too mild” for a child psychologist but they are still so big that they are causing stress for the family everyday.


An example of some of the areas an Individualized Parenting Consultation can be useful:

    • Finding one’s natural parenting style
    • Getting answers to questions about your child’s behavior or area of concern
    • Positive discipline and parenting
    • Setting age appropriate boundaries and creating fair rules
    • Create healthy communication in your home
    • Learning about your child’s general development, abilities and what to expect such as; bilingualism, impulse control, sharing and following rules
    • Dealing with and avoiding struggles in everyday situations such as morning routine, mealtime and bedtime


Do you feel you could benefit from the one-on-one support of an individualized consultation? Contact me here.

*Services offered by Skype are also available for international families


Please Note

Early Years Parenting Individualized Parenting Consultations are not considered therapy session; we offer parents a question/answer and resource referral process based on your specific area of concern. Any information you provide is always considered confidential.