Is diaper changing a nightmare? Does your baby kick and scream? These are a few suggestions that I’ve found very helpful with diaper changing.

  • Tell your child that you are going to change his diaper now instead of swooping him up 🙂 This gives your child a chance to figure out what’s happening. Especially around 18 months when children start feeling a need for more independence, this can add to your child’s willingness to come along since he was given some independence.
  • Try to have everything set up before hand so you don’t leave your baby waiting too long. Check list: clean diaper, wipes, cream.
  • Let your child bring a small toy or part of the activity he was engaged in to the changing table. If he’s holding a little book talk to him about it, ask him to point to the flower, bee, cow on the cover. This will keep him busy and happy while you change his diaper
  • If your baby starts getting fidgety sing some calming songs or blow raspberries on his feet. Taking a moment to address his anxiety and calming him down will probably get him relaxed and laughing again.
  • Let your baby know what you are doing. Now you are wiping, putting cream and putting on a new diaper. With repetition your baby will learn to expect when the process is almost over and will become more patient. It’s also an opportunity for communication and language development.
  • For toddlers and those approaching potty-training age, the lying down part of the changing may feel uncomfortable to them. Once the diaper is off, try putting the clean diaper on while you child is standing. After a couple of times your child will learn that the uncomfortable lying down part only has to be tolerated for a little bit.

What else have you found helpful to make diaper changing more peaceful? 🙂

Photo from Rachel Hutton