Positive Parenting 101

Are you a parent in Munich with a young child under 8 and looking for ways to encourage your child’s cooperation, deal with tantrums & power struggles effectively and add more peace to your relationship with your child?

If you are interested in finding out more about Positive Parenting, substituting rewards, punishment and threats with alternative respectful and positive strategies and looking to bring more balance, peace and harmony to your home then this workshop is for you!

This 2.5 hour workshop will give you a quick jump start to understanding what the essence of Positive Parenting is and give you my top Positive Parenting tools that you can start using right away with your family.

We’ll cover main points on:

? What Positive Parenting is & Why it Matters
? The Science Behind Positive Parenting
? The Goal of Parenting
? Brain Development & Behavior: Understanding the Reason Behind your Child’s Behavior
? Tantrums and Dealing with them Positively
? Recognizing and Dealing with Power Struggles
? Positive Parenting Strategies
? Effective Positive Communication
? Consequences vs Punishment
? The Power of Love

You’ll also:

? Experience fun and dynamic experiential activities
?Understand some of the basic principles of positive parenting.
?Walk away with some practical positive tools which you can start implementing right away
?Take home handouts to help you practice at home
?Get an idea of what to expect in the Positive Parenting for Parents of Young Children Workshop.


COST | €40 per person /€70 per couple
Non-walking babies are welcome ♥
RSVP & Reservation required to secure your spot ♥
AT HOME WORKSHOP: You can also book this workshop at your home, my location or daycare if you can bring together a minimum of 8 people


What Parents are Saying about Positive Parenting 101 Workshop

“Hi Jailan, I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s workshop, we really enjoyed it and already started trying out some of the tactics and it seems to be working! Thanks a lot for that ? Viktorija Kliuk


“Thank you very much again for the great and interesting workshop. It was a pleasure to be there.” Viktoria Varga


“Thank you so much for the eye opening and thought provoking workshop. Your examples and explanations makes so much sense, I can only recommend your course to anyone who has a child, work with children or plan to have some. I can recommend a Positive Parenting workshop with Jailan. Wonderful tips and practical advice to navigate toddler ‘tantrums’ and how to effectively and respectfully communicate with young children. Was the best 2 hours spent!
 Melinda Lourens


“Thank you for the great workshop. I loved it.” Dina Jannidis


Thank you Jailan! It was very supportive!” Jemyrr Gavino


“The course with Jailan on positive parenting was an eye opener on several ways!
The information was well structured, very useful and easy to apply to our day to day parenting. I shared the new learning with my husband and sister in-law immediately. Next is my brother!  The more parents are aware of the positive parenting science the better!” Ozlem Koper