Putting it All Together

Do you find you read a lot of parenting books and videos, enjoy the concept but still don’t see how you can practically apply this to your own life? You’re not alone! For a lot of us it takes time and practice to be comfortable using these Positive Parenting tools. I know my time as an Early Childhood Educator with a mentor definitely helped me put theory to practice.

Which is why in this 4 week E-course I’ve put together some classic challenging scenarios you’re probably facing with your child.This course will give you an action plan and ideas on how you can use multiple Positive Parenting tools.

By the end of the course will be able to confidently and resourcefully put together multiple Positive Parenting strategies in your own life. You’ll be able to decide what fits your unique family right now.

Here’s what we cover during the 4 weeks

Dealing with Morning Struggles

Shopping with Kids

Getting your Child to Bed & Keeping him There!

Dealing with Anger & Aggressive Behavior

End of course live chat and Q&A 

TLearn to put together Positive Parenting strategies in daily challenging situations


What you get over 4 weeks

Weekly Videos
Each week you’ll get a 30 minute video on the topic of the week that helps you understand the theory and put theory to practice with your child

Live Q&A
sessions by myself to support you at the end of the course

Goals & Motivation 
that support you in putting these idea into practice with your child

 A safe and interactive space and forum
to discuss your parenting concerns, challenges and progress with other like minded parents and get feedback from me


Self Paced in the Comfort of your Own Home 
You’ll get weekly prompts and reminders for the course and you get to do it at your own pace in the comfort of your own home while still gaining support through your journey

15 Minutes a Day 
You will need only 15-20 minutes a day in a 6 day week to get through the core course content

Two for One
Both parents can attend this course together!

Certification of Completion 
to celebrate your motivation and commitment to completing this course and adding harmony in your home

 No-Risk Personal Guarantee
If at any point during the first week of this course you aren’t completely thrilled by what you’re getting out of it, just email me at Jailan@EarlyYearsParenting.com and ask for a refund. Your payment will be fully refunded. Refunds after the first week of the course are not possible

6 Month Access
You get 6 month access to the course video content. All other materials and handouts can be downloaded and saved. Parents benefit most when they follow the course as it runs with other participants in the primary weeks.

Learn to put together Positive Parenting strategies in daily challenging situation

This course is scheduled to run in July 2018. Let me know if you are interested in joining ❤️

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