Raising Kids without Rivalry

Help your kids fight less and get along more.
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When we have kids we don’t decide to give them a brother or sister so they can fight. We have visions of them playing together, getting along and being a source of support for each other long after we are gone.

Often times, it doesn’t always end up as we’d hoped. Why does that happen? How to prevent sibling jealousy, rivalry, and resentment? How can you mend strained relationships full of teasing, fighting, and anger?

In this 6-week online masterclass, I teach you tools that can help you prepare for the arrival of a sibling (even if you already have more than one child), mend sibling relationships, help you stop being the referee in your home and get your kids to talk to each other!

Join us in March 2020 from March 2nd for 6 weeks. We meet once a week in a live video call from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM CEST on Monday evening.

We’ll talk about:

  • how to deal with children’s hostile feelings and actions about each other.
  • how do roles affect siblings and what to do about it as a parent
  • how do you help your kids feel things are fair
  • what to do when kids fight
  • how to teach them to speak to each other and resolve their own conflict
  • all your sibling relation questions
  • any questions you have about disciplining your children

Masterclass Details:

  • Setup: Live online group coaching session with Jailan Heidar.
  • Material: Course workbook included.
  • Time & Date: March 2nd for 6 weeks – Every Monday at 7-9 PM CEST
  • Location: Online via a zoom video call. You’ll get all the private links as soon as you sign up.
  • Cost: 250 Euro or equivalent in USD and EGP.
  • Payment: you can pay via the link with credit/debit card. Paypal and bank transfer options are available. Just click contact or email me at Jailan@EarlyYearsParenting.com

Your Bonuses!


This bonus guide book is full of my 15 most favorite positive discipline tools that I KNOW will help you in everyday parenting struggles.

It’s not JUST about the daily parenting, you’ll get tools to help manage your tim and get more time for yourself. 

It’s the perfect complimentary gift to the tools you will learn during the Raising Siblings without Rivalry course.


During the 6 weeks, you get A LOT of tools to use with your kids. You saw how much value you got for just one hour during the online masterclass! And I want to 

We’ll meet in a BONUS session with all the other “bonus” mamas a few weeks after the course is over. Where you’ll get a chance to ask me any questions you have, let me know how the tools are working for you, do we need to tweak some things, why didn’t this tool work, and anything else that’s on your mind.

This session is all about you!


You get a bonus 20-minute call with me! It can be about anything you need. A follow-up call or a general discipline. Whatever you want!

This is ONLY available for the first 5 moms who sign up!

remember, these bonuses are only going out to you mamas who gave your amazing and precious time to come to the online masterclass!

Bonuses are available only till February 26th

Join us in March

We start Monday March 2nd for 6 weeks 7-9PM CEST
Join now + BONUSES only till February 26th!Can't make the date? Join the waiting list

This course is presented by Jailan Heidar, founder of Early Years Parenting.

A mom of two little ones herself, a 5 and 2-year-old. Jailan has been working with families for over 10 years.

She’s a certified Positive Discipline Educator and holds a Master’s of Science degree in Child & Family Studies from Leiden University. She’s also a certified Early Childhood Educator by UCLA

Jailan grew up in Egypt and has been living in Europe with her family for over a decade. She is currently living in Munich and offers parenting consultations both online and in-person as well as courses and workshops focused on giving parents tools to get through every day parenting struggles with more ease and build their relationship with their children.