Siblings without Rivalry E-Course

Giving you tools to teach your children problem solving skills and better communication. Support your children in talking to each other so you can stop being their referee – This course material is based on the book Siblings without Rivalry by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish

Have you had enough with your children fighting all the time and calling for you to take sides or intervene in everything? Do you want your children to start talking to each other so you can stop being their referee? Are you wondering what to do when your toddler is jealous of the baby and tries to hit her? Do you want to learn tools tools that are age appropriate and can help you communicate with your childminimize conflict and deal with challenging situations? Whether you are a parent dealing with having a new member in the family helping your toddler adjust or dealing with your young children fighting and struggling to share a room. This course was designed with your needs in mind.

Join my 4 week E-course with other parents with the same frustrations. Learn how to reduce conflict and generate goodwill among all your children. The goal of the Siblings Without Rivalry E-course is to help you help your children learn how to live together. We discuss topics that sensitize parents to what it is that increases hostility between children and the attitude and language that decrease hostility and increase goodwill with your children.

Here’s what we cover during the 4 weeks

Helping Siblings Deal with Their Feelings About Each OtherWhat happens to brothers and sisters when their hostile feelings about each other are ignored or denied? Four specific methods for helping children express their negative feelings to each other without doing damage.

Dealing with equality & FairnessHow siblings react when they are compared to each other. Effective alternatives to comparisons. 

Sibling RolesSkills that free each child to become his or her most whole self. 

When Children FightWhat can you do when fighting breaks out between the children?

Problem SolvingA method for helping children deal with the problems they can’t work out for themselves

End of course live chat and Q&A

Teach your children problem solving skills and better communication so you can stop being the referee or taking sides and they can talk to each other


What you get over 4 weeks

Weekly Videos
Each week you’ll get a 30 minute video on the topic of the week that helps you understand the theory and put theory to practice with your child

Live Q&A
sessions by myself to support you at the end of the course

Goals & Motivation 
that support you in putting these idea into practice with your child

 A safe and interactive space and forum
to discuss your parenting concerns, challenges and progress with other like minded parents and get feedback from me


Self Paced in the Comfort of your Own Home 
You’ll get weekly prompts and reminders for the course and you get to do it at your own pace in the comfort of your own home while still gaining support through your journey

15 Minutes a Day 
You will need only 15-20 minutes a day in a 6 day week to get through the core course content

Two for One
Both parents can attend this course together!

Certification of Completion 
to celebrate your motivation and commitment to completing this course and adding harmony in your home

 No-Risk Personal Guarantee
If at any point during the first week of this course you aren’t completely thrilled by what you’re getting out of it, just email me at and ask for a refund. Your payment will be fully refunded. Refunds after the first week of the course are not possible

6 Month Access
You get 6 month access to the course video content. All other materials and handouts can be downloaded and saved. Parents benefit most when they follow the course as it runs with other participants in the primary weeks.

Learn and practice specific skills that help reduce friction and make harmony between your children possible

This course is scheduled to run in May 2018. Let me know if you are interested in joining ❤️

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