Who says painting has to be with paint and a brush?

Who says painting has to be with paint and a brush?

I just discovered this really cool site – education.com – which has tons of activities for preschoolers and older kids. I love that they have the activities categorized by topic and age so you can find developmentally appropriate activities easily and you don’t end up doing something that’s too challenging for your child’s age. Kids love painting and it’s such a wonderful activity that has so much to offer in terms of helping development. It’s great for gross and fine motor skills, for developing spatial understanding, for understanding how things work (mixing colors), for experimenting, for cognitive development and it’s a great outlet and expression of thoughts and emotion.
Here are some interesting and unconventional ways of “painting” I found on their site and other favorite blogs and sites. Happy painting!

Painting with Bubbles

from mamamiasheart2heart.com

Blow Painting


Painting with Ice

check out painting with ice on Thechocolatemuffintree.com

Marble Art

from http://worldpreschoolmom.blogspot.com/


Crayon Rock Art

Pendulum Painting

Make a Window Mural

Finally and most importantly a recipe for home made fingerpaint


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