Positive Parenting for Parents of Young Children



This is a 8-hour workshop held over two days focusing on parents of children under 5 years.
The material in this workshop is inspired by Thomas Gordon and Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen

In this workshop we’ll discuss

  • we’ll talk about why children behave the way they do.
  • how we can prevent conflict situations from happening.
  • how to respond effectively and positively when children misbehave.
  • look at positive strategies that are effective and empower you and your child.
  • help you establish harmony at home..

This workshop is about:

  • providing you with tools for discipline.
  • information about your child’s development.
  • helping you can make confident informed decisions that suit your unique family.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • What is “Positive Discipline”
  • How young children’s development affects their behavior
  • Practical positive parenting tools that can substitute rewards, punishment and threats
  • How to avoid saying No
  • How to get through daily hassles like bedtime and mealtime peacefully
  • How to use “Time-out” positively with young children

Also included:

  • Fun experiential activities
  • Group discussions
  • Take-home handouts
  • A Positive Parenting workshop booklet



  • When scheduled this workshop runs at €120 per person / €200 per couple.
  • If you would like to host this workshop at your home or childcare center I offer a package rate of:
    • €700 for home workshops
      (maximum 8 participants – for bigger groups please contact me for more package offers)
    • €1300 for childcare centers
      (no maximum number required)
  • Can I pay in installments? Yes, feel free to contact me for installment options.

If you are Interested in hosting this workshop at your home or childcare center or being updated on when the next one is scheduled, contact me here.

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